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On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Knight's Quilt Shop donated 353 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital!  This is a new high-record for donated quilts!

Thank you so much to our caring quilters who donate so abundantly!!

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The children receive a quilt as soon as they are checked in.  They also receive a canvas bag with age-appropriate gifts and books, as well as a journal for parents.  They get to take it all with them when they get to go home.

Barbara Bush 2015


We are so excited and grateful to everyone who donated their time, love, and, of course, quilts to this truly special cause.

Nurses Receiving Quilts

Nurses from the Barbara Bush Pediatric Intensive Care unit receiving the quilts.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016,  Knight's delivered 190 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. This is the most that the hospital could take at the time, with the remaining delivered in the spring of 2017.

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Knight's delivered a record 351 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine!

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Knight's delivered 280 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine!

On December 3, 2013, Knight's delivered 208 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

On December 4, 2012, the Knight's staff went up to the Barbara Bush Pediatric ICU at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, where we delivered 234 quilts!

On December 6, 2011, Knight's delivered 254 quilts the the Barbara Bush Pediatric ICU!

On December 7, 2010, Knight's delivered 122 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

On December 8, 2009, Knight's delivered 116 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

On March 18, 2008, Knight's delivered 80 quilts to the Barbara Bush Children's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Donated Quilts

Please consider donating more quilts; the hospital needs 400 quilts a year, and we want to deliver them in the first week of December.

Information on Quilt Donations

Barbara Bush Flywer

 Drop off Center and Donors

Since February 2006, when Knight's Quilt Shop became the only quilt sponsor for the Maine Medical Center Barbara Bush Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we have collected over 1,000 quilts from the donors listed below (if you have donated a quilt and we have not listed your name below, please call and let us know).  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!


Many Anonymous Donors

 Ginny Chenier
Lucy Vachon

Barbara Whitney

 Marilyn McMahon

Susan Londei
Holly Hamel
Toni Wells

  Johnny Appleseed
Quilt Group
Leominster, MA

Patti Sheltmire

 Peggy Wood

Joanne Megan-Wallace
Jolene Staruch
Judy Lambert

Dianne H.

Barb Haverly
Ann Ferrigno

 Sara Post

Connie Eddington
Jean Terwilliger
Debbie Block

Stephanie Behan

Paulette Davis

Deb Dubois
Jessica Cloutier

Vicki Frost

June Vetere
Sandra Martin
Pauline Lebel

Irene Allie

Pat Sullivan
Ann Flohr

Michelle Macy

Miriam Prude

Becky Holley

Pam Thompson
Wanda Doehne
 Carolyn Hillis

Beth Stepan

Karen Kobusyewski
Marleen Talulippe

Ruth Melega

Pat Dolan

Jane Perkins

Donna Thetreault

Patricia Towne
 Margo BakerAnnette SeverinDavid Baird III
(12 years old)
Debbie Gabrian

Diana Sharp

Debbie Johnson
Evalea SpicerMilton & Eleanor Mead Faith Alberti

Marilyn Geffken

Donna Pradon

Roberta Burnham

Theresa McCouch

Margie WilkinsonShirley Sample
Mary Hannes Rodgers

Marianne Handibode

Mary Anne Hawkins
Karen O'NeilRita Giles

Deb Harris

Joan Vodar

Sheri Shannon

Malissa Rivoire

Jeanne Atkinson

 Maria Gove

Cammie Small
(13 yrs old)

Kelly Small
(11 yrs old)

Eva Harman

Debbie Pare

Sharon Carbone

Esther Washington

Barbara Rich

Gloria Grillon

Lesley Belchers

Dorsy VonRosenving

Eleanor Sperry

Cameron Quilts
Westford, MA

Peggy Jerneyn

Joyce Kutz

Sara Cohen

Sue Willett

Jackie Zelinka

Seacoast Newcomers

Margaret Wells

Sheila Smith
Canada CH Tours

Daryl Ellef

Patricia Doyer

Jan Salmon

Robyn Belcher

Diane Prichard

Nancy Maina

Mary Donahue

Regina Cuff

 Sally Crow

Anita Ward French

Highland Green Quilters
Topsham, Maine

Donna Watson

Colleen Martin

Carla Bobidas

 Alice Seidel

Susan Enstrom

Teachers of
Village Elementary School 
Gail BlakeCindy Harding
Elaine Morin

Peg Goranson

Nancy Russo

Sarah Ann Bohdiewicz

Sue Larsen

Carol Poitras

Sue Whittier

Barbara Hahl

Carrie Zizza

Gail Blake

Jolene Phillips

Marsha Hunter

Cynthia Ickes

Audrey Gendron

Alyson Snyder

Comfort Quilters

Barbara Lalla

Susan Ehnstrom

Carla Pelletier

Lori Currier

Rachel Lopez

Mary Ruth Scott

Elinor Walsh

Nancy Bricchi

Beth Roy

Barbara Colburn

Faith Brynie

Patty Grumbles

Merella MacMillan

Dottie Hack

Country Heart Quilters

LuAnn Faber

Linda Van de Car

Adrienne McCuliffe

Paula Burns

Claire Russo

Susan Nelson

Margaret Potvin

Marilyn O'Brien

Cobblestone Quilt Guild

Jane Goetz

Pat Tangusso

Gloria Snowman

Rachel Hendrickson

Homestead Quilters

Diane Roger

Joan R. Hankey

Marie Bennett

Fran Holly

Colleen Lefthes

Donna Swiderek

Laurelee Swift

Dorothy Ledger

George Pendleton

Carol Prior

Nancy Maynard

Linda Lee Lambert

Beverly Shandor

Keri Upton

Vina Duffy

Kathy Farren

Barbara G. Gorrow

Mary McDonough

Roberta See

Jeanne Martin

Pat Winter

Karen Briere

Mary Hirschauer

Carol Evenson

Sharon Hawk

Carole Long

Nancy Ross

Kathy Rollend

Patty Ascario

Cathy Carisch

Diane Pritchard

 Nora Bailey

38 Quilters from
Country Heritage Tours
Gretchen Thatcher, Coordinator

Anonymous Donors

Rejeanne Bailie

Pat Howlin and
"Quilting Together Group"

Jackie Rivers

Linda Casey

Michelle Knight

Kari Rivers

Donald Cole

Heather Kosnick

Kathy Rutkowski

Martha Dee

Ruth Kurtz

Janet Schofield

Doris Earle

Elizabeth LaPlante

Members of the
Seabreeze Quilt Guild

Laura Edwards

Martha Liddy

Susan Shepardson

Pam Gerald

Sara Lovo

Marianne Szeniawski

Donna Hansen

Jeanne Noyes

Deb Towle

Stephanie Hanson

Theresa Ouellette

Amy Tyler

Jan Hardy

Doraine Petry

 Kathy Walker

Joann Hibbert

Carol Rivers

 Kace Wilson

 Margaret Tipton

Joan Yorke

 Joan Stockinger
(Monetary Donation)
 Michele Ioannou

Althea Young

 Pamela Munsell
 Debbie Towle

Joanne Clough

Sheila Hughes 

 Debbie Goodale

 Sharon Tynan

 Evelyn Samson

 Andrea Bonsaint

 Marsha Hunter

Mrs. D.R. Frink 

Brenda McAdam

Deborah Kule

 Janet D. Columbus

 Ann Baird

 Rebecca Kenney-Olofsson

 Mrs. Darrel Brawner

 Gina Cuff

Joanne Clough

 Priscilla Frink

 Pam Robinson

 The Proper Bostonian
Quilt Guild

 Barbara O'Leary

 Tuftonboro Comfort

 Wendy Lassonde

 Debbie Shepard

 Doris Plante
 Back Road Quilters
 Suzanne Knowles

 Lee Anderson

 Tracey Stapley

Gay Smith 

Cecille Simmons

 Margaret C.

Sue Howe

 Suzanne Knowles  Rose Mince

 Keri Upton

 Doraine Petry

 Kathy Rutkowski

Susan Shepardson 

 Nancy Zajchowski

 Dotti Anderson

 Sue Larsen

 Roberta Fournier

Janet Columbus 

 Linda Shum

 Kathy Hancock

Sacred Quilters

 Norma Capone

 Kathy Newcomb

 Dianne Mumley

JoAnn Hibbert 

 Marianna Buteyn

Rose Perry

 Kari Prichard

Ellen Tully

Denise Webster

Cammie Small

Mary Kvitek

Terry Hanson

Comfort Quilters

Teresa Trombley

Mabel Lavoie

Jan Beeler

Ann Jones

Janet Allen

Sylvia Ward

Hearts and Hands
group of
United Methodist Church
Lyman, Maine

Robert and Mary Ann Pollini

Mary Erwin