Quilts for Sale
Quilts for Sale:
All quilts are made at Knight's Quilt Shop and are made using top quality, 100% cotton fabric and batting.
They are machine quilted.  Please call for details or to purchase.
All quilts were made in Maine for Knight's Quilt Shop, all are 100% cotton, and all prices include shipping.
Click on any picture for a much larger view. The small pictures are close ups of a section of the quilt.
As of July 3, all quilts below are sold-out. Please check back again soon for new quilts!
Animal Crackers
Asian Lanterns
Love That Print - Asian
Animal Crackers Close Up Animal Crackers Close Up  Asian Lanterns Close Up
Asian Lanterns Back Side
 Love That Print - Close Up Love That Print - Close Up
"Animal Crackers"
38" x 52"
 "Asian Lanterns"
72" x 88"

"Love That Print"
Asian, Koi Fish
56" x 56"

Moda Brick Road  
Red Birds of Happiness
Moda Christmas
Moda Brick Road Close Up
 Red Birds of Happiness Close Up Red Birds of Happiness Close Up  
Moda Christmas Close Up
"Moda Brick Road"
89" x 98"
 "Red Birds of Happiness"
64" x 74"
 "Moda Christmas"
63" x 85.5"
Sea Shells  
Shimmer Butterflies
"Sea Shell Quilt"
Blue and White
Hand Embroidered
52" x 65"
Shimmer Butterflies Close Up
54" x 72"

"Shimmer Butterflies"
62" x 87"

Under The Sea
  Under the Sea Close Up Under the Sea Back Under the Sea Close Up   
  "Under the Sea"
45" x 60"